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NATO Poetry

The terms are taken from the NATO Only Terms section of the DOD Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms. The poetry was produced by the participants in the Konsequenz task force and exhibited in the gallery space.

The task force: Nicole Henning, Kristine Roepstroff, Daniel Truniger, Raluca Visinescu – with middle-school students from Otelfingen

FLOATING LINES define the stretch of a

In photogrammetry, lines connecting the determine whether or not the points are i superimposed by means of strips of transp When i entered the room she turned towards me with a DOUBTFUL expression on her face…

In artillery and naval gunfire support, a term used by an observer or spotter to indicate that he was un target and a round or rounds.

ARTIFICIAL MOONLIGHT illuminates the process of thought

Illumination of intensity between that of starlight and that of a full moon on a clear night. See also b

mbivalence in the general landscape

same two points of detail on each print of a stereo pair, used to ndivisible. The lines may be drawn directly on to the prints or parent material.

om which to begin an action or phase of an operation, or to which to return easily found terrain location at which visitors to units, headquarters or facilities also contact point.

THE PURPLE COMMANDER has left her cocoon… she is looking for a new nest nable to determine the difference in range between the

The officer designated to exercise operational control over purple forces for a specifi c period during

RULES OF ENGAGEMENT are to be endlessly re-written in the sa

Directives issued by competent military authority which specify th continue combat engagement with other forces encountered.

attlefi eld illumination.

I was asking the guy if he wants to go out with her. I thought it would be END OF MISSION.

In artillery and naval gunfire support, an order given to terminate fi ring on a specifi c target.


He became menacing like a DRIFTING MINE.

used as a guide for scribing or drawing. A buoyant or neutrally buoyant mine, free to move under the influence of waves, wind

It was here I had my fi rst RENDEZVOUS.

1. A pre-arranged meeting at a given time and location fro after an operation. See also join-up. 2. In land warfare, an are met by personnel from the element to be visited. See We CO

The spr

BLACK FORCES has the bad habit of blinding the eyes. The landscape will appear hazy and approxim

against In artillery and naval gunfire support, a spotting, or an observation, by a spotter or an observer to ind the rounds fired resulted in both air and impact bursts with a majority of the bursts being airbursts.

I always loved to sit at the BEACHHEAD

A designated area on a hostile or potentia troops and material, and provides maneuv

PURPLE FORCES make you act opposite

Those forces used to oppose both blue and orange forces in NATO exercises. This is most usually ap

COONED ourselves in blankets we found in the house.

raying or coating of an aircraft or equipment with a substance, e.g., a plastic, to form a cocoonlike seal


the effects of the atmosphere. dicate that THE CONE OF

SILENCE forced all the animals away from their

at sunset natural lands lly hostile shore which, when seized and held, provides for the continuous landing of

ering space required for subsequent projected operations ashore. An inverted cone-shaped space directly over the aerial towers of some forms of radio beacons in which signals are unheard or greatly reduced in volume. See also Z marker beacon.

plicable to submarines and aircraft. See also force(s).

d work is reproduced, used as a guide for scribing or drawing.

The colors of FIREPOWER UMBRELLA are red, blue and pink

An area of specified dimensions defining the boundaries of the airspace over a naval force at sea within and within which special procedures have been established for the identification and operation of frien PERMANENT ECHO

tells you stories of

truth and false, but

once you listen it melts

into air

Any dense and fi xed

radar return caused by

reflection of energy

from the Earth’s

surface. Distinguished

from “ground clutter”

by being from

defi nable locations

n which the fire of ships’ antiaircraft weapons can endanger aircraft,

rather than large areas.

ndly aircraft. See also air defense operations area.






power of





used in a






See also


ose units representing opposing forces during such exercises. See also force(s).


The periods of incomplete darkness following sunset and preceding sunrise. Twilight is designated as c is 6 deg, 12 deg or 18 deg, respectively, below the celestial horizon.

MIXED AIR blows the corn of the fi eld

In artillery and naval gunfi re support, a spotting, or an observation, by a spotter or an observer to indicate that the rounds fi red resulted in both air and impact bursts with a majority of the bursts being airbursts.


ivil, nautical or astronomical, as the darker limit occurs when the center of the sun